A&A Story has a wide range of shapes and sizes that can easily be integrated into any room or on any table.

Size Chart for A&A Story vinyl mats

Placement Ideas

Our largest size 6.5’x8.2’ is perfect for a spacious living area. As a center piece accompanying a large couch and coffee table…

Imagine our smallest rectangular mat (2’x3’) in front of a kitchen sink or stove. Or even for stylish protection under the family pet’s eating bowls.

Our 2’x3.9’ and 2’x5’ runners perfectly nestle in hallways, a narrow kitchen area or alongside a bed. For kitchen areas the runner should at least be 6 inches away from cabinets. Next to a bed, it is recommended to have a rug that extends at least 2 feet, making our rug sizes perfectly adapted.

Our long 3’x8’ runner is a great introductory piece in an entrance hall or put the 2'x5' runner in front of a mudroom door. The vinyl mats are very easy to clean making them perfect for muddy shoes and wet clothes.

A&A Story vinyl mat in mudroom

The 3.2’x4.8’ rectangle mat or the 3.25'/4.75' circle mat are nice accents to smaller bedrooms or office area. (Our mats are resistant against the wheels of a rolling chair!)

Imagine stylish protection for your floors under a high chair or in children's play corner using a round vinyl mat sizes 3.25’ or 4.75’

Choose a placemat shape depending on your table’s size and form!