Where is A&A Story from?

A&AStory is a French brand, the main headquarters are in Valence, France. We created an American branch in order to be implemented in the states and get closer to our American consumers. We are proud of our French influence and our loyalty to the North American market.

What do the two A's in the name represent?

This is a story that we like to share. The creator of A&A Story has two adorable little girls, twins actually. Their names are Alix and Andréa. His inspiration for the brand comes from them, A&A Story is, in a sense, sharing a story of the happiness inspired by the joy of having his two little girls in his life.

How does one become an A&A Story retailer?

We invite you to register using the registration tab and fill out the required information as accurately as possible. Once the request has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of the A&A Story team.

Can anyone be an A&A Story retailer?

We are always happy to work with new vendors! But we only accept retailer requests from viable businesses that have provided the proper documentation needed for resale and access to wholesale pricing.

Where are the mats fabricated?

In Valence, France. A new production factory for the United States is underway.

What are the mats made from?

Our mats are 100% PVC vinyl, 100% recyclable and completely Phthalate free. The mats are also compliant with the CFR standards for child safety and have passed a multitude of tests for resistance and durability.

How do I know what size mat is good for me?

Check out our sizing and placement page! There you can view our size chart and read about placement ideas according to the certain sizes and shapes made available.

Can the mats have an undesirable reaction with the flooring underneath?

Our mats have been tested and proved to not have any certain reactions to the flooring underneath. Like with any rug, make sure the flooring underneath and the vinyl mat are dry (i.e. after mopping/cleaning) before using the mat in order to avoid any built-up moisture.

Are the mats compatible with heated flooring?

Yes, the mats can be used on heated flooring.

Can the mats be used outside?

Our mats are mostly suited for the indoors in order to avoid discoloration from direct sunlight and aggressive weather conditions. The mats could therefore be placed in a shaded/protected outdoor terrace or patio if desired.

How should the mats be cleaned?

The mats are easily wiped clean with water and gentle soap. Avoid using bleach or any harsh soaps in order to maintain the vividness of the mat’s colors and design. If the mat is very damp after a more thorough cleaning, let it dry completely before placing it on the floor.

How often do new designs come out?

Twice a year! We work with two catalogues; one for spring and summer and the second for fall and winter.

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