We’re proud and delighted to present you our new Outdoor vinyl mats collection.

As 2020 kicks in, we’re very thrilled to show you a whole set of new vinyl floor mats and

placemats, specially designed for exteriors.

Crafted with care thanks to the attention and meticulousness of our artistic director Celine

Verola, our exclusive products are designed in Provence, France, and produced in the USA.

Vinyl, our main material, is a strong, resilient and easily washable surface. Adaptative and

flexible, available in different sizes, it’s simply a perfect fit for any floor. Place it, unroll it, let

your exteriors express their character and take you to new destinations.

Whether you’d like to travel to sunny Greek coasts, wander through the jungle lush vegetation

or show your patio off with elegant bohemian patterns, our products are specially tailored to

endure any family reunion, restless children or four-legged friends. From classic and intemporal

designs to more sophisticated ones, any terrace, patio or balcony will undoubtely find its

favorite pick.

We hope you’ll enjoy roaming through our new collection,

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