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A&A Story Vinyl Mats

Creative French design on durable, high quality vinyl mats. What we hope to offer is an easy way to accent one's home design, to create an outlet for expressing one's personality and to share our love and passion for decoration.
When it comes to flooring and table pieces, we understand the importance of durability and resistance. Our high quality vinyl mats have surpassed a multitude of tests and are sure to last. While never sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.
Welcome to the world of A&A Story.

An e-Shop for our retail clients.

While our website and the catalogue of our designs are available to everyone, (for the time being) is an e-shop purely for retail purchases.

We invite you to register for a retail account or login if your account is already confirmed in order to have access to a shopping cart and our retail pricing. 

One more thing: We offer free shipping. So the price you see is the price you pay. Isn't life easier when things are kept simple? ;)

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